A Pioneer in Immersive Pharma Education

An advocate for upskilling talent, Vanessa Vasadi Figueroa stands at the forefront of transformational change in how pharmaceutical manufacturers engage, educate, and evaluate their personnel. While serving as Executive Director of Microbiology at Quality Executive Partners, Vanessa co-developed Virtuosi®, a first-in-kind immersive training system for QC Microbiology & Aseptic Manufacturing.

Virtuosi® moves beyond SOP-based, read-and-understood static instruction to provide VR-simulated, hands-on, and real-time coaching. The program’s learn-by-doing approach helps standardize training across sites, increase safe production, and develop deeper understanding of the “why” behind aseptic techniques and behaviors.

Combining her expert microbiological knowledge with a skillful and relatable coaching approach, Vanessa also “starred in” Virtuosi’s® inaugural 30+ training modules and 15 lab-based skills assessments. Additionally, she executed 45 days of onsite technical training, assessment, and certification for a large group of regional and global trainers from across the US, Europe, and Asia, and Africa.