Thought Leader & Collaborator

Vanessa Vasadi Figueroa is a next-generation thought leader and content collaborator in the ever-progressing field of microbial life sciences. Both a skilled technical content creator and effective communicator, she deftly connects with a variety of audiences, from scientists and lab analysts to regulators, legal counsel, and business execs.

Her published works – along with speaking engagements, webinars, and interviews – demonstrate Vanessa’s keen ability to break down complex technical topics and teach scientific subjects, both casually and formally.

Microbial Control and Identification:
Strategies Methods Applications

Vanessa Vasadi Figueroa (Ch. 15 Managing Stock Cultures) joins other microbiologists and biopharmaceutical industry leaders in this 2018 PDA release to explore the role of microbial identification knowledge as a cornerstone in the concept of microbial and contamination control programs. May 2018

Q&A with VVF: EM & Risk Management in Modern QC

Vanessa sat down with Eureka science blogger, Charles River, for an in-depth discussion about the latest trends in environmental monitoring plus much, much more.

Check out Eureka’s recap and full-length replay Here.

Microbial Data Deviation Investigations
in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Technical Report No. 88 presents a holistic approach for performing a microbiological investigation. It provides a framework to assist with focusing on the investigational areas that may contain or contribute to the root cause of data deviations, such as sampling, test methodology, and suitability of the test, as opposed to providing methods for analysis of batch acceptability. January 2022